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Player Guides - Map: Pump Jack


A medium sized map with two stories of map. Plenty of obstacles, barriers, sniping places to keep the game play alive. You can snipe camp d close range to long range combat, you can really do everything on this map. On the upstairs portion you can really have a standoff, you can camp and pull out your sniper and kill many people without dieing. There are many spots where you can watch enemies without being seen such as in storage carts on the trains. Just before the bravo base there is a pile of boxes were you can stand off and fight while your teammates come up from behind through the upstairs. There are many ways to fight and this makes action easy to find, but you can also sneak up and assassinate large groups of them with a grenade. Pump jack is not played much anymore but it is very easy to start a game. Pump jack is a very fun map and it Is my favorite as it is with many others so I hope my guide helps you guys. ;)


Map Tips

  • This is a great map for Sniper Rifles, but avoid bolt-action rifles on this map. You're bound to be killed be other players if you pause too long.
  • Mines can be quite useful on this map if you plant them near known camping spots.
  • Smoke Grenades are also useful here; they can help you sneak around to enemies or into camping locations.
  • Close-Range guns like the Mac-10 are not very useful on this map becuase they are inaccurate. This is probably considered a medium range map.
  • One Man Army takes longer to play on this map becuase the map is larger and there are more places to hide.
  • In One Man Army, Sniper Rifles are not recommended. This makes you move slower and more noticeable.
  • In Capture the Flag, you can easily sneak around without being seen. There are many obstacles, hiding and camping spots.
  • When you are playing Elimination, you can camp in a single spot and kill people as they travel by. Be sure to move from your spot shortly after killing a small group.



There are many strategies for this map. Most of them depend on the game type, weapons and equipment.

  • Rush and Retreat
    Most players use this strategy when playing Pump Jack becuase it's quite useful. You can be killed easily if you don't move fast enough. So, when you are retreating, switch to a pistol or knife to move faster.
  • Camping
    Camping can be very useful on this map and there are many locations to camp at. The only problem is you need to move often so the enemy doesn't know your location. This is mainly used on OMA and CTF.
  • Sniping
    This is a very easy map for Sniping. It is very useful in Elimination and CTF, but not OMA. Just be sure to move around and don't stand still!
  • Teaming Up
    This can be very effective, but is likely to start some trash talking from the other team. Get a group of friends, and attack the enemies from behind or near their spawn.
  • Planting
    Buy some mines and equip them to your backpack. Simply plant the mines in camping locations, doorways, and heavily traveled areas. The only downfall is that your teammates can set off these mines too.
  • Rushing
    Another widely used strategy, Rushing is when you storm the other players in the middle of combat and take them out quickly without stopping.
  • Kamikaze
    Similar to Rushing, but almost guarantees your death. Simply Rush into an area full of enemies, take out as many as you can and drop grenades as your are moving to take any anyone who chases you.
  • Juggernaut
    Grab a high powered gun like UMP, G36E, Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launchers as well Heavy Vest, Gas Masks, Helmets and Larger Backpack and simply tank the enemies.
  • Sprinting
    Get a Light Vest, Military Bandanna (or something similar) and light weight weapons. Move fast and never stop, taking out enemies as you run around.


Special Areas

  • Tunnels
    In the tunnels where the trains came through, you can sneak up behind enemies and kill them quite easily.
  • Upstairs Boxes
    On the upper level of this map, there are many holes and boxes to snipe behind. You can peer down a corridor and shoot people as the come to you.
  • Storage Containers
    You can go inside most of the train storage containers. You can snipe people as the come out of their base as long as you don't make your self too noticeable. Note: Players can shoot through the wood on the trains.
  • Stair Ways
    You can also camp, plant mines, or throw grenades down stair cases to get quite a few kills. Lots of people use the staircases.


Weapon Recommendations

Close range weapons can be useful, but Pump Jack is a medium-long range map. You shouldn't use SMGs here.

Medium Range

  • G36E: A good gun for mowing down people as you go.
  • AK-47: A fast firing gun with decent accuracy, and it also does a good amount of damage.
  • MK-16 Scar-L: A very good gun, it's high powered and quite accurate.

Long Range

  • MSG-90: A good long range rifle. You can keep firing up to 10 bullets without leaving the scope view.
  • M24: A powerful 1-hit-kill on well placed shots.
  • SR25: Has as much power as the MSG-90, but with a higher firerate.



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posted on December 19, 2008 by Ppl104

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