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Player Guides - Map: Junk Flea


Junk Flea a thrilling small map perfect for close range combat. Junk Flea more commonly used for one man army than any other map. There are no real good sniping spots, so it is not recommended you try. There are many obstacles on the map so you really canít go strait to the other guys base. there multiple spots where you can sit and shoot at the others teams while there leaving there base. There are really only 2 levels of height on the map, The top level containing the upstairs of the bases and the tunnel in the middle of the map. The bottom level is where most the fighting happens. Overall this map is a exhilarating fast paced thrilling map.


Map Tips

  • When playing One Man Army, never stop moving unless it is to fight. Players are always spawning near you.
  • When playing CTF, if you switch to grenade, pistol, or melee, you move faster than normal. This is especially helpful if you are the flag carrier.
  • Guns with great accuracy aren't necessary important for this map becuase it is all close-quarters.
  • Hackers tend to play this map more than most others. Be wary of hackers when playing Junk Flea.
  • Many clan matches use the Junk Flea map on Elimination or CFT. It is good practice to just play it for fun.
  • Rocket launchers can be very useful on this map, but they do take awhile to reload. Be sure you move before your target can retaliate.
  • In clan matches when Friendly Fire is activated, be careful of your teammates. It is a close-quarters map and it is easy to accidentally harm a friendly target.
  • There are many stairways on this map. Players like to camp on the edges of stairs and shoot players as they try to go up or down the stairway.
  • Because Junk Flea is so popular, don't wait for the game lobby to fill up before starting. The match will fill up on it's own if you just start.



There are many strategies for this map. Most of them depend on the game type and your weapon.

  • Rush and Retreat
    This is the favorite strategies for players with rapid-fire guns like the Mac 10 and UMP. You will be killed fairly fast if you don't move quick enough when you're out of ammo. Switch to pistol/knife to retreat to allow yourself to move faster.
  • Camping
    Camping can be a useful strategy, too. As long as you don't remain in a single play for a long period of time, you can rack up a lot of kills. This works great in CTF, but it doesn't work at all in One Man Army.
  • Sniping
    Sniping isn't the most useful on this map due to the limited amount of areas. Most of them are at ground level. Both the Bravo and Alpha bases have a balcony area to snipe from, but most players are well aware of them and take out snipers quickly. There are also a few sniping areas in the corners of the map at ground level.
  • Team Up and Fight
    Simply put, team up with another player in One Man Army and cover each others back. This can drastically boost both of your scores. In CTF, having a buddy help you carry the flag to the base can be helpful, too.
  • Plant Explosives
    Planting mines can be very useful on this map. There is only so much ground players can travel on, if you can lay mines in the heavy traffic areas you are bound to get some kills. Planting them in doorways or near flags can prove useful. The only downfall is that you can blow up your teammates too!


Special Areas

  • Storage Container Crack
    In the middle of two storage containers just outside of Alpha base, there is an opening. Simply walk in, and you are hidden from sight. You can camp here, but only for a short period of time or you will be discovered.
  • Broken Crane Tower
    This is a little tricky the first time you try to do it. Right across from the Storage Container Crack is a broken tower that is outside of the map slightly. If you stand on top of the storage container next to it, you can jump onto the lip of a beam. This places you high above the map, and you can easily snipe passing players.
  • Ledge Jump
    This is pretty easy to do, but is only useful if you are on Alpha. Run through the tunnel in the middle of the map, and you can leap to to the overhang on the Bravo base. You must be sprinting in order to make the jump. This can be useful when handling snipers and in CTF.



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posted on November 29, 2008 by Ppl104

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