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Player Guides - Close Quarters Combat Guide


This guide probably wont help any "pros", but it should defiantly help the newer players.
Here a good acronym: CQC/CQB means Close Quarter Combat/Close Quarter Battle



  • Keep your cross hair around head level while traveling along fat ground.
  • Wear a headset; hearing footsteps can be quite helpful.
  • If a teammate runs out in front of you while you are firing at an enemy, keep on shooting (if Friendly Fire is off). Bullets will travel through your teammates as well as enemies.
  • Find a higher place so you can see where enemies come from. Most players don't bother checking higher places if they are on ground level.
  • Here is a simple one: user cover!
  • Don't spend very much time in high traffic areas. Enemy players are bound to throw a grenade there eventually. Spawn exit points are a prime example.
  • Find "peak holes". You will find them on various maps and they can be very helpful. Junk Flea for example has many holes that can give you a few seconds head start.
    Tanks are cone shaped at the ends, kind of like this: <[_____]>
    You can look under (or above) those pointed edges and shoot peoples feet as they are running around, before they even have a chance to see you!
  • If you have low health don't be afraid to camp or snipe and get another kill or so before you die. This is good for Elimination rounds as well as your K/D ratio.
  • Don't be afraid to camp, but don't do it too often. You will be noticed for returning to the same spot repeatedly and it's not good practice.
  • Combat Arms has a built in mouse sensitivity changer. Play with the controls until you find the sensitivity level that works right for you.
  • Being more aware of the maps, camping locations, and just being farmiliar with game ticks will help you out a lot. Don't just camp and wait, but don't just run around firing like mad either.
  • Keep your talking limited. You may noticed lots of players who aren't too great at the game, and you will also notice how they are the only ones talking. If you need to talk to teammates, use a voice client.



Hopefully some of these tips will help you get more kills in a CQC map.
Just remember this game isn't all about who is the best gunner. It's about who can combine their aim with their brains better.



  • PuffleMuncher

posted on October 3, 2008 by PuffleMuncher

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